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Considering solar panels for your home? Easy Solar makes it easier for you to make the switch and start on your way to energy savings.

With a dedicated and experienced team, you can definitely put trust on our industry knowledge to develop a plan that perfectly fits your home’s size and your family’s energy needs.

You need a company with a proven track record of success and we deliver by helping you make smart decisions about solar panels for your home.

From design to final configurations, you can be rest assured that we will guide you through the process.

Available for NEM only
Commercial and Industry

Reduce your operating costs by installing solar panels with us at Easy Solar and invest the savings back into your business.

With Easy Solar, watch as your fixed level cost of energy remain low even when traditional energy costs rise while your profits skyrocket! With rebates and incentives for commercial solar projects, not mentioning the benefits of Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, you can sell overproduction back to your utility locking in even more savings.

How about standing out against your competition by having a conscience Installation of solar panels with us will highlight your company as a green organization that is dedicated to the environment.

Available for NEM only

Over the past years, community solar has experience rapid adoption around the globe. With government incentives (Feed-in Tariff) opening up doors to earn from Solar, it is never been easier for Community Centres to make the leap.

Get your Solar PV System today and enjoy 21 years of passive income by selling back the clean energy generated. INSTALL, SELL & EARN!

This is the FINAL YEAR for application. Call us today for a free estimate and find out exactly how much money you could earn.

Available for FiT and NEM
Easy Solar
About Easy Solar Sdn. Bhd.

Easy Solar Sdn Bhd combines the reliability and skill of a top-tiered solar company with personalized service and local knowledge. Here, we help you harness the sun’s full potential for your home and are devoted to delivering the most carefree solar experience from end to end: from consultations down through to the installation and maintenance of your Solar PV system.

Established in 2013, our focus revolves around delighting our valuable customer. Building on the belief that streamlining the process of going solar will be the key to its prevalent adoption, Easy Solar promises to provide premier customer service by creating memorable experiences for their customers.

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NEM is your gateway to optimizing the rate of return on your solar investment.



Further accelerate your investment in renewable energy technologies through FiT.


Large Scale Farms

Plan on going big?
We provide the best possible return for RE investors.

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We carry various brands of solar products and accessories too, such as off-grid and generators etc.