The power is in your hands.

With our region strategically located near the equator, solar power is undoubtedly the future of renewable energy.

We are committed to providing unparalleled solar power and energy storage solutions for alternative electrification regardless of application or location through a number of local state government and private sector initiatives, improving the lives of communities and individuals.

Electricity Supply

Enhancing the quality of life.

Easy Solar serves as a consultant and is one of the few major companies to have offered and installed the full suite of solar PV solutions to the rural communities, bringing power to more than 100 households.

One of our major projects is to supply and install solar PV systems to provide round-the-clock electricity supply to remote communities in Sarawak, where it is unfeasible to connect to the grid under the Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme(SARES).

Clean Water Supply

Cleaner water for everyone.

Facilitating the design, engineering and installation element of the solar energy electrification in water treatment facilities, the solar PV systems that we design are efficiently optimised to produce energy sufficiently for consumption within the water treatment plant.

Being the first few companies to have supplied and installed solar PV systems into water treatment plants. Easy Solar takes pride in commissioning one of the largest solar powered water treatment plants to date under the Sarawak Alternative Rural Water Supply(SAWAS) initiative.

Satellite Integrated Internet Access

Stay connected wherever, whenever.

At Easy Solar, we are all about sustainability. Staying true to our roots of being a comprehensive and well-rounded solar energy solutions company, naturally communications play a vital role.

By integrating the satellite routers with built-in WiFi with our solar PV system, it enables our clients to keep an eye on their businesses remotely as well as providing Internet access to individuals living in rural areas that are impractical for telecommunications companies to engage.