Powering your business into the future

Why Switch to
Net Energy Metering?

With an average daily sunshine of 12 hours, our equatorial geography is unparalleled for making the switch to solar energy, especially beneficial for energy-intensive industrial applications as well as corporate office building consumption.

More Savings

Lower electricity bills, greenhouse gas emissions.

Better Cost Control

Hedge against escalating electricity rate.

Double The Returns

Government Green Project Investment Tax Allowance and Capital Expenditure tax deductions

Custom Design According to Your Needs

At Easy Solar, we take pride in our world-class Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) services, offering the full suite.

Our NEM system is meticulously designed in accordance to your consumption needs and energy output requirements, optimising the energy harnessed in the comfort of your premises with the excess energy fed back into the grid and hence, reducing your electricity bill.

The continuous improvement of product quality and bringing down the costs gives our clients access to competitive quality photovoltaic systems and materials, allowing cost control; recuperating your investments within a significantly shorter period of time.

Small Medium Enterprise

Commercial Business

Industrial Factories